Educazione Linguistica. Language Education
Topic: Linguistics

Aims & Scope

EL.LE is the quarterly journal of the Centre for Research on Language Teaching of the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. It is included in Fascia A of scientific journals. The Journal deals with the various aspects of linguistic education, i.e. teaching of the mother tongue/national language, second and foreign languages, the classical and ethnic ones, as well as the role of languages in the teaching of all disciplines. Furthermore, it pertains to the linguistic aspects of literary teaching, as well as to communication between people from different cultures who use a pivot language or the interlocutors’ one.

Each number usually has an ‘editorial’, which is the leading article that describes the structuring of the Centre for Research; some essays are of a theoretical nature and others are more operational, since educational linguistics is a theoretical-practical science; finally, EL.LE offers various types of documentation: institutions, bibliographies, reviews, etc.

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Annalisa Brichese    Camilla Spaliviero    Valeria Tonioli   
July 30, 2020
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Vicky Mazoua Megni Tchio   
July 30, 2020
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Martina Irsara    Ulrike Domahs   
May 10, 2020
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Giacomo Cucinotta   
July 30, 2020
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