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Literary Education

Its Crisis and a Potential Way Out

Camilla Spaliviero    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



In the last few decades literary education has been going through a period of crisis due to young people moving away from the traditional literary form (that is, written and printed), the development of more and more innovative technologies and the use of teaching methods that aren’t always able to motivate students, who live in a more and more multimedia world. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce some innovative changes in literary education that will firstly consider students’ needs, interests and competences. In order to reach our goal we should consider two possibilities: the widening of the literary canon, introducing innovative literary forms, and the openness of literary education to new means through which it can be transmitted (such as the net). With regard to this, song are a potential authentic resource that can build a metaphorical ‘bridge’ between literary education and youth culture in order to promote literary and linguistic acquisition, high motivation and the development of students’ critical sensibility.

July 1, 2015