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Virtual Enviroments for Real Learning

Alda Barbi    



VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT FOR A REAL LEARNING More and more often experts speak of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as of an ‘expanded’ world, allowing continuous access to autonomous learning, without any space or time boundaries. In the Istituti Comprensivi (first cycle schools) with a lot of branches scattered in different neighboring towns,  in border areas where the average number of foreign students is really high (25% and even more), digital platforms and new technologies help in carrying on a real integration, that passes through the personalization of courses and distance learning. It is the reality of everyday life entering the class via the virtual work in the Net. The Web can therefore rise to  a metaphor for those connections and relations that sometimes are lacking in a provincial town or in a city suburb. In this way, the virtual net becomes a means for the promotion of autonomous learning that, starting from language, involves the cultural values and the promotion of the person itself.

March 1, 2014
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