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Developing autonomous second language learners in a content class

Nancy Fahnestock    



This paper describes a small-scale study which attempts to develop more autonomous second language (L2) learners in a content class, with the use of an interactive tool called ALEKS [http://www.aleks.com/].  ALEKS  is an online version of math curriculum ranging from elementary to higher level calculus classes and is readily available to schools and colleges throughout the world. In this study, I used the curriculum for Foundations Level Math students in year one in college. The student’s overall satisfaction was measured using questionnaires. After a brief investigation of student autonomy within this culture, a discussion will follow regarding learner awareness and self-evaluation and the overall success of this tool for this particular population of students. The dilemma over whether this is merely another tool for the traditional classroom or if understanding is truly enhanced using this pedagogical approach, thus creating more autonomous learners, will ultimately be answered.

March 1, 2014
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