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Bisogni linguistici specifici e comprensione del testo narrativo

Aspetti teorici e metodologici per una proposta didattica

Francesco Negro    Università Ca' Foscari Venezia    



The purpose of this study is to analyse difficulties and special needs of Language Specific Needs students (BiLS, Bisogni Linguistici Specifici) in the field of comprehension of a narrative text and, specifically, in the study of fiction. This paper summarises the theories on which this study is built and, in a second stage, describes the particular case that brought at the compilation and practice of specific teaching method on the narrative category of the character. Our goal is to verify the efficacy and strength of this teaching method built specifically for BiLS students to facilitates the reading approach of a narrative text book, allowing the student to get closer with reading and consulting a narrative text book. The results of the case study are particularly satisfying, specifically regarding the positive approach of the student with the text analysis and fiction learning.

Keywords: Dyslexia. BiLS. Ditactics. Italian literature. Reading comprehension.

Language: it

Submitted: Feb. 10, 2018
Accepted: Feb. 25, 2018
Published: Nov. 30, 2017

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/ELLE/2280-6792/2017/03/007

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