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Diagnostic Evaluation of Dyslexia in SL Contexts

Problems and Observations in the Light of Clinical-Linguistic and Intercultural Research

Paola Celentin    Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia    

Michele Daloiso    Università degli Studi di Parma, Italia    



The present paper discusses the state of the art in clinical assessment of dyslexia in multilingual children and some key-issues in the light of clinical, linguistic and intercultural research. The first paragraph provides an overview of current knowledge on dyslexia across languages and discusses how different orthographies influence the performance of typical and atypical readers. The second paragraph focuses on some theoretical and practical issues to consider when it comes to assessing dyslexia in the context of Italian as a second language. The third and fourth paragraphs show how current research in clinical linguistics and intercultural studies can provide interesting solutions for clinical assessment of dyslexia in multilingual children. Although research on this topic is not yet conclusive, there is evidence that a multidisciplinary approach including cross-linguistic and intercultural studies is necessary for language-and-culture-fair clinical assessment.

Nov. 30, 2017
March 21, 2018
Feb. 9, 2018