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Migrant Women and Italian L2 Learning Needs

A Case Study of Migrant Women Reuniting their Husbands in Italy

Edith Cognigni    Università di Macerata, Italia    



The paper discusses the main results of a case study on migrant women learning Italian as a second language and the teaching strategies employed thereof. The study focuses in particular on the linguistic and educational needs of female learners who move to Italy as a re- sult of family reunification. After providing a critical overview of the course structure and teach- ing procedures which are generally implemented in this type of language training, the paper proposes an analysis of adult migrants’ L2 learning needs from a gendered perspective. In light of some critical issues emerging from the case study, a task-based and self-narrative methodo- logical framework is proposed, to try and meet migrant women’s heterogeneous needs.

Nov. 1, 2014