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The Prevailing Intelligence Test and Italian SL CALP in Junior Schools

Damiano Longo    



The essay presents the results of a project on the use of multiple intelligence tests in grades 6-8. The aim was to gather data on the learning styles of migrant students in multilevel classes. The test was administered to migrant students in phase1, and to the whole class in phase 2. The results of phase 1 show the migrant students’ problems with CALP in Italian as a Second Language, while the results of phase 2 show the difference between mother tongue and migrant students. In the light of these data, individualized activities have been proposed which take into consideration the types of intelligence prevailing in each student or in groups of students. Teachers were involved through questionnaires and interviews, aimed at sensitizing them on the need to reconsider their teaching procedures on the bases of the results.

July 1, 2012
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