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Research and Training in Educational Linguistics: The Role of Language Teachers’ Associations

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Maria Cecilia Luise    Università degli Studi di Udine, Italia    


Language: it

Published: Nov. 25, 2022


ANILS, the Italian association of teachers of non-native languages, was created in 1947, and for 75 years has been active in: (a) defining the role of foreign and second languages in the Italian school system, while it moved from the Fascist ban on foreign language teaching towards the demand for languages in multilingual Europe, in globalised economies, in the years of migrations from developing countries to Europe; (b) training language teachers, mediating between educational linguistics research in the world and its implementation in the context of the Italian school system; (c) providing on-the-field information and data to educational linguists, both through its journal, Scuola e Lingue Moderne, and through the action of academics who collaborate with ANILS. This issue of EL.LE deals with the three issues above, avoiding the celebration of the 75th birthday of ANILS and focusing its role in joining research and practice.

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Paolo E. Balboni    Gianfranco Porcelli   
Nov. 25, 2022
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The Case of SeLM. Scuola e Lingue Moderne
Maria Cecilia Luise   
Nov. 25, 2022
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Graziano Serragiotto   
Nov. 25, 2022
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