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The Promotion of Italian FL in the World

Mohey Eddin Sholkamy Abdelgawad    Dipartimento d'Italiano, Facoltà di Lingue    



The present study tackles the initiatives via which Italy is promoting the Italian language and culture abroad. It is aimed at compiling these initiatives in one place; this is profoundly important in the linguistic history of Italian as addressed to people outside Italy and familiarising researchers with these initiatives. This study analyses 9 initiatives that directly contribute to promoting the Italian language and culture outside Italy. The final conclusion of the study is that the Italian government and people are keen on supporting these initiatives and publicising them among non-Italian communities in Italy as well as abroad, which brings about disseminating not only a language or a culture but a whole state system (language, culture, economics, politics, etc.).

June 7, 2019
Jan. 22, 2019

Keywords: Vivit: the portal of Italian in the worldItalian Language PortalePromotion of Italian language and culture abroadWeek of the Italian LanguageInitiatives to promote the Italian language and cu

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