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Let's Blog in Italian

Microblogs in the Intermediate Italian Language Class for the Students’ Development of Independent Learning, Cooperation and Cultural Understanding and Exploration

Luisa Canuto    The University of British Columbia, Canada    



When choosing a technique for their language, class teachers start by answering some fundamental questions such as what language skill they want their students to focus on, which specific learning outcomes they are planning to achieve or how they can best measure their students’ progress in language learning. Their particular learning environment and context as well as the resources they have access to also come into play when making the decision. In this paper, I discuss the reasons that led me to introduce microblogs in my intermediate Italian classes at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (UBC) and the unexpected benefits for the students, which emerged upon re-considering the goals and modality of using this educational technology. Data collection was done through in-class observations, three surveys, and some open-ended interviews to gauge the perceptions of my students relating to this educational tool and then use their feedback to decide whether to continue using microblog in my intermediate Italian classes. 

Nov. 1, 2015