Studi sull’apprendimento e l’insegnamento linguistico

Aims & Scope
The series is the expression of the Center for Research on Teaching of Languages, which in Edizioni Ca’ Foscari also has a magazine, Linguistics Education - Language Education, EL.LE, and a necklace, Intercultural Communication, COMINT, dedicated to this important but overlooked aspect of language mastery. In the series, the volumes of which are approved by three blind referees before publication, are three types of search space: a. studies on the epistemologic nature of the science that studies language education, in the wider meaning that includes Italian mother tongue, second and foreign, modern languages and classical ones; b. operational studies on methods, strategies, language teaching methodologies; c. quantitative and qualitative surveys on particular aspects of language teaching in the various training areas. The collection hosts studies of scholars working both at Ca’ Foscari University and in other institutions.
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The latest volume

Sillabo di riferimento per l’insegnamento dell’italiano della musica +

Paolo Balboni    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia     ORCID iD


Published: Sept. 3, 2018

Table of contents
Silvia Giugni   
Sept. 3, 2018
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Sept. 3, 2018
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Sept. 3, 2018
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