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Monograph | The design of educational environments for the learning of foreign languages
Chapter | L'insegnamento della lingua italiana nel Kansai giapponese

L'insegnamento della lingua italiana nel Kansai giapponese

  This research stems from the need of the Italian Cultural Institute to map the institutions involved in teaching Italian in the area considered and to analyze the quality of the teaching and learning process of the Italian language. The objectives are multiple and linked to the importance of finding the causes that slow the growth of the study of Italian in Japanese Kansai. Therefore, the first part of this action research will outline the cultural and linguistic education coordinates that characterize the Japanese context; in the second part, the research data will be interpreted in order to trace new methodological development trajectories to increase the quality of the Italian teaching process in Kansai.  

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Submitted: Sept. 15, 2020 | Language: it

Keywords Teaching and evaluation system Action research approach Italian as a foreign language Educational Linguistics