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Review | Intercomprehension: Languages, Processes, and Pathways
Chapter | Intercomprensione nella scuola primaria: cominciamo dall’oralità

Intercomprensione nella scuola primaria: cominciamo dall’oralità

This contribution is part of the debate on teaching Intercomprehension (IC) in primary schools from the methodological perspective of CLIL. The results from a survey based on the application of a teaching course integrating IC among five Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian) and a school subject (Science) will be discussed in this article. The aim of the course was to implement the oral dimension in a path that favoured the young learners’ natural attitudes, and then, in a second phase, to deal with the written dimension. The experiment described here shows that it is possible to introduce a training course aimed at awakening foreign languages within students as early as the primary school age, starting with oral IC.

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Submitted: Oct. 28, 2016 | Accepted: Nov. 25, 2016 | Language: it

Keywords Elementary school Oral Language learning Intercomprehension

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