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Monograph | Rethinking English Language Certification
Chapter | Co-Certification Revisited

Co-Certification Revisited

In 2015 Trinity College overhauled its Integrated Skills in English suite, to bring it more in line with other academic certification, notably by introducing a reading to writing task based on multiple input texts, different text types, and an independent listening task. This had repercussions on the co-certification (Chapter 4); if it were to continue, the University would have to adopt the same structure. The revision was seen as an opportunity to update the co-certification by introducing an “ELF element” – listening to a non-native lecturer – as the independent listening task. In this chapter we report the results after two administrations of the certification, and note that, for most candidates, the “ELF element” seemed realistic and unproblematic.

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Submitted: Oct. 2, 2017 | Published: Nov. 6, 2017 | Language: en

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