Series | SAIL
Volume | Between Languages and Cultures
Chapter | Problemi interculturali legati alla lingua

Problemi interculturali legati alla lingua


In Chapter 4 the survey focuses on linguistic, lexical, morphological and sociolinguistic aspects related to the structure of a text. In particular, the elements taken into consideration are the sound of the voice; the speed of speech; the choice of terms or expressions that may embarrass the interlocutors such as asking questions which require a direct negative answer. Furthermore, the hypotactic structure of the texts, in which indirect clauses are related to the main one in a hierarchical order, is considered. The frequent recourse to diminutive nouns, the use of names or epithets, which change depending on the formality or informality of the situation, is also considered. The last part of the chapter focuses on the analysis and the different use of strategies implemented by the speaker, whose double intention could be either getting an ‘up’ position (order, prevail, disagree) or a ‘down’ one (propose, encourage, agreed).

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Submitted: March 6, 2017 | Language: it

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