Series | SAIL
Volume | Between Languages and Cultures
Chapter | 5 Eventi comunicativi

5 Eventi comunicativi

The different aspects previously introduced about the values influencing communication, the use of verbal languages and non-verbal codes and the realisation of communicative moves are shown in real communicative events. They represent the contexts in which intercultural communicative problems could emerge because of the under-capacity of the speakers to recognise the importance, in a communicative perspective, of the intercultural differences existing between the interlocutors. However, it should be noted that some communicative events, by virtue of some features that every specific culture ascribe to them, respond to “rules” which could prove different in those cultures which are the subject of this work. Thus, these differences could give rise to misunderstandings or real intercultural communicative problems between the interlocutors. So the chapter deals with some specific communicative events which could turn out to be risky, in the intercultural communicative view, when Italians and South Slavs meet if or when they do not possess correct and adequate interpretations of these communicative events.

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Submitted: Sept. 28, 2016 | Language: it

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