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Capitolo | Quale scelta per una politica linguistica universitaria multilingue?

Quale scelta per una politica linguistica universitaria multilingue?

The language policy of the University of Urbino, a mid-sized Italian university with a large number of Erasmus exchange participation and a good degree of internationalization, includes CLIL-based courses to its students as well as to international students. The policy of providing disciplines taught in Italian and in foreign languages, and the choice of alternating modules of Italian and foreign language teaching within the same course, supports multilingualism without penalizing the Italian language, thereby also promoting foreign language learning within the university. This study reports the results of a questionnaire distributed to students and teaching staff regarding a project, Didattica in lingua straniera – CLIL@uniurb, which includes also data related to students who took advantage of study abroad opportunities over the years.

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Presentato: 16 Ottobre 2020 | Pubblicato: 24 Maggio 2021 | Lingua: it

Keywords Multilingualism Internationalization Higher education CLIL Language policy

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