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Capitolo | Le parole delle politiche linguistiche dell’Unione Europea

Le parole delle politiche linguistiche dell’Unione Europea

Spunti per un’analisi lessicale

The aim of the paper is to analyse the language policies of the European Union through a lexical analysis of documents concerning languages and education. On the basis of the lexical use within EU documents, how are languages conceptualised and how do linguistic and educational concepts evolve? A corpus of EU documents has been collected and analysed to research the frequency of use of words, concordances, and keywords. The focus is on the multiple ways used to refer to the concept of language in documents published over different decades.

Open access

Presentato: 16 Ottobre 2020 | Pubblicato: 24 Maggio 2021 | Lingua: it

Keywords Economy Language policies Lexical analysis Language education European Union

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