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Valencias de la Edad de Oro

Mito ‘quijotesco’ en el Uruguay actual 

María de los Ángeles González Briz    Universidad de la República, Uruguay    



The current president of Uruguay, José Mujica, is a former guerrilla who in the 60s was linked to direct-action groups that aspired to the revolution and to promote social justice. On different occasions the personality of Mujica has been related to the figure of Don Quixote and his most mythologized features. In a public lecture, the President appropriated the ‘Discurso de la Edad de Oro’ (Quijote I, chap. XI), which appeals to a utopian world, separated from capitalism, and free from work, crime and private property. By tracing the social value of that speech and the history of its reception, this paper will contribute to understand the current political use of that passage of El Quijote.  

keywords: Golden Age. Quixote. Uruguay.  

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Submitted: July 12, 2015   Accepted: Nov. 17, 2016   Published: July 3, 2017  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-163-8/RiB-5-89

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