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Los poéticos álamos…

Una lectura de la poesía de Luis de Góngora a través de las representaciones de árboles

Elizabeth San Juan San Juan    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México    



The functions of representations of trees (poplars) are studied in the poetry of Luis de Góngora. The proposal is to read beyond the function of ornatus or decorado pastoril. In his poetry such representations are not concomitant with a rhetorical purpose. Initially, because it constantly subverts the rules provided for the used genres. The article is divided into two parts: 1) The context of rhetoric that prevails the poetic elements, material analysis and its function, taking into account the existence of the Rota Virgilii that entered into sublime style of the laurel and the cedar in the middle to fruit trees. The examples of representations of trees considered of the humble style are collected to analyze the amounts of prestige thanks to Góngora’s wit games; 2) An aspect, not studied by critics, will be emphasized: the implications of the tree species chosen and poetic potential.  

keywords: Rhetoric. Literary styles. Tree. Topos.  

Language: it

Submitted: Oct. 1, 2015   Accepted: Dec. 14, 2016   Published: July 3, 2017  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-163-8/RiB-5-25

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