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El lenguaje ascético-místico en el escrito hagiográfico sobre sor María de Jesús Tomellín (el ‘lirio de Puebla’) 

Katerina Zatkajová    Univerzita Karlova, Praha, Česká Republika    



María de Jesús (1582-1637) was one of the most distinguished nuns in colonial Mexico, Puebla de los Ángeles. As prescript by the standards of an exemplary spiritual life, she thoroughly followed the rules of austerity and penitence. Therefore, after her death, she was turned into a candidate for the beatification, even though the process has not yet been concluded. The Life of the Respectable Nun Sor María de Jesús Tomellín, written by her Italian hagiographer Félix de Jesús María, served for the mentioned cause. The life of the Conceptionist nun was rooted in the effort of achieving a permanent mystical union with God. This paper focuses on the analysis of the mystical language, especially the rhetorical devices which deal with the category of ‘the ineffable’. The secret of the mystical life is, however, often depicted with symbols and metaphors that are taken from profane erotic imaginary. One of those is the union of pleasure of pain and love in the herida de amor, the ‘wound of love’ in the heart of Sor María, which connects her to the symbols of saint Teresa of Ávila and her predecessors.  

Dec. 14, 2016
July 13, 2015

Keywords: AsceticismIneffable languageMysticismExperienceMystical symbolsLanguage

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