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Eco y Narciso de Calderón en el manuscrito de la condesa de Harrach: base para una nueva edición

Margaret Greer    Duke University, USA    



María Josepha, Countess of Harrach, wrote her name on the first page to indicate her possession of a manuscript of Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s Eco y Narciso, performed in the Coliseo del Buen Retiro in 1661 to celebrate the birthday of the princess Margarita, daughter of Philip IV and future wife of Leopold I of Austria. The Countess, daughter of the Austrian ambassador in Madrid from 1673-76, assembled a collection of Spanish works that she took to the Castle of Mladá Vozice on her marriage to its owner. The manuscript, once catalogued in the castle library, was missing by 1981-2 when I first hoped to edit the play for my doctoral dissertation but was discovered in 1999 in the home of the town’s parish priest and donated to the National Library in Prague. It contains a more complete text of the work than those published in Calderón’s Quarta Parte editions of 1672 and 1674 and the author’s signature at the end. For these and other reasons I set forth in this article, it will be the base text for the new edition I am now preparing of this moving court play.  

March 31, 2016
Nov. 24, 2015

Keywords: Margaret Theresa of SpainCalderón de a BarcaCountess of Harrach

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