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La invención de un poeta

Trigueros y Melchor Díaz de Toledo, poeta desconocido del siglo XVI

Juan Montero Delgado    Universidad de Sevilla, España    



Poesías de Melchor Díaz de Toledo, poeta del siglo XVI hasta ahora no conocido (The Poems of Melchor Díaz de Toledo, a XVIth century poet not known until now) (Sevilla, 1776) is a collection of original compositions and translations of Graeco-Latin texts, presumably a work by an author from the end of the XVIth century. It is in fact a literary fraud created by Cándido María Trigueros, whose closest model was Francisco de la Torre’s poems, an edition by Quevedo reprinted in 1753 by Luis J. Velázquez, who included a ‘Speech’ in order to prove that Quevedo was the genuine author of such poems. Though little more than a minimally successful imitation, the work from 1776 deserves to be studied for its unique testimony as to the reception of Golden Age poetry by Spanish Enlightenment readers and authors.

keywords: Cándido María Trigueros. Melchor Díaz de Toledo. Anacreontics. Francisco de La Torre. Literary Forgery. Republic of Letters.  

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