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Il PEL in chiave inclusiva

Biografie linguistiche in Rete

The study concerns inclusive language education of young people and adults with a research on the pedagogical function of the Language Biography of the European Language Portfolio. The research study involved students attending a course offered by University of Florence. Among the aims of the course to provide students with practical experiences and metacognitive activities on Language Biography with a view to merging ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) with language learning. The article reports on this experience, using data gathered from student questionnaires, showing the potential of Language Biography as a tool for inclusive teaching and learning and consciously working to foster learning across differences – of languages, cultures, needs, motivations, experiences, skills – that characterize each learner.

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Presentato: 27 Maggio 2020 | Pubblicato: 23 Febbraio 2021 | Lingua: it

Keywords Inclusive language education Differentiation Plurilingualism Educational Linguistics Language autobiography ICT European Language Portfolio

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