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Espais intersticials en la representació de la Barcelona contemporània

Una lectura d’Última oda a Barcelona (2008), de Lluís Calvo i Jordi Valls

Mercè Picornell    Universitat de les Illes Balears, Illes Balears, España    



Última oda a Barcelona (2008), by Lluís Calvo and Jordi Valls, proposes a new poetic representation that is centred on the outskirts and the urban wastelands of the city. This book is composed of six long poems written by both poets in a collaborative process that included a walk in the selected urban spaces. This poetic representation of Barcelona is connected to a new aesthetic of ruins of the present and it can also be linked to other artistic and political uses of the abandoned city spaces in Catalan culture. Thus, attention shifts to these derelict spaces and the shared creative process of composition of the book to argue that these elements contribute to a metacritical meditation on the potential of poetry to generate alternative forms of urban identity.


Keywords: Urban spaceContemporary ruinsCatalan poetryBarcelona in literature

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