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Eduard Escoffet-Joan Brossa: escriure llibres de poemes

Marc Audí    Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France    



Eduard Escoffet has recently published his first two poetry books, gaire and el terra i el cel, after a long period devoted primarily to sound and spoken poetry. According to the poet, both books, and the latter in particular, have been written to be read rather than spoken out in public. This does not only affect the style of the poems and the way they produce meaning but also suggests that Escoffet aims to build up a new poetic, at least in relation to his previous œuvre. In this new proposal, Escoffet challenges realism and the idea of observation through writing. In this regard, reading el terra i el cel along with some of the major books by Joan Brossa like Sumari astral i altres poemes is especially suggestive and clarifying. If Brossa opened up a new path away from his better-known achievements, Escoffet has brilliantly taken up such role in contemporary Catalan poetry.