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The Allographic Prologues of Josep Maria Llompart as Mechanisms for the Dissemination of Poetry

Pilar Arnau i Segarra    LiCETC. Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma, España    



In the latest decades of Francoism, censorship restrained most attempts to create dissemination channels for Catalan literature. This shortage gave prologues the role of presenting and disseminating literature books. In this way, the presence of both prologues and their authors gained an importance that, in some cases, was decisive in the presentation of new works to their readership. In this context, the writer Josep Maria Llompart (Palma 1925-1993), author of a hundred prologues, stands out. Among his prologues we can find texts on poetic pieces by very diverse authors: from poetic anthologies of the Escola Mallorquina to those of young poets born in post-war Spain. His prologues to works by poets such as Xavier Abraham, Miquel Bauçà, Francesca Ensenyat, BartomeuFiol, JaumePomar or MiquelÀngelRiera are examined as case studies to assess how the critic and editor Josep M. Llompart has contributed to the dissemination and construction of a particular image of contemporary poetry.


Keywords: Josep Maria LlompartParatextsAllographic prologuesDissemination of poetryContemporary catalan poetry

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