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Postals no escrites (2001), de Felícia Fuster

L’experiència íntima i l’espai de representació i de joc

Merce Altimir    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, España    



Felícia Fuster’s task as a translator of contemporary Japanese poetry and the intellectual environment of Paris, where she lived, can provide the key to interpret her book of poems Postals no escrites. Although the book appeared in 2001, the haikus it contains were written after a trip to Japan in 1985. The choreographic arrangement of the postcards opens the path to a new intimate experience which ensures that the distance in relation to the social space of representation is preserved. The discussion of Fuster’s work considers the works of several present-day intellectuals because these inform a reflection on the modern psychological-narcissistic narrow-mindedness and the long Platonic and Aristotelic tradition in Western society. In this sense, Roland Barthes’ definition of Japan as a construct provides another reading angle that suggests the possibility of a different symbolic existence. 


Keywords: Modern catalan poetryJacques LacanByun-ChulRoland BarthesFelícia FusterJapan

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