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Poesia i oralitat en la literatura catalana actual

Una anàlisi a partir de la representació, la incidència política i l’espai públic

Elisabet Gayà    LiCETC. Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma, España    



Recently, there has been a progressive rise of performances in the field of Catalan literature, which has developed into the creation of new platforms of poetic dissemination linked to the show business and disassociated from the written book. To explain these phenomena in more detail, two specific performances are analysed. The first one is called Estellés de mà en mà, performed by the actor Francesc Anyó and the musician Borja Penalba. This representation has also generated the recording of a CD, the publication of Vicent Andrés Estellés’s anthology and the creation of associated merchandise made available through social media networks. The second one is a show created by the composer and singer Cesk Freixas and the poet Roc Casagran. Drawing on the theories of Jacques Rancière, the focus is on the impact of poetry on the public space and, more specifically, on the links between politics and aesthetics.


Keywords: PoetryPoliticsOralPerformance

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