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Canonicitat i metapoesia en Dos poals (2005), Els hòmens primer (2010) i Ei, que ja sé francés! (2014) de Josep Vicent

Anna Vives    University of Sheffield, UK    

Silvia Burset    Universitat de Barcelona, España    



I explore the nature of the poetic identity in Dos poals de sabó i un cabàs de no res, quan, fet i fet, uns altres peguen el mos; no hi ha cap altre camí que descreure (2005), Els hòmens primer, si és home, i després les dones, i al contrari (2010), and Ei, que ja sé francés! (2014) by Valencian poet Josep Vicent Cabrera Rovira. In particular, I focus on questions of canonicity and mechanisms of authorial legitimation. My analysis considers the presence of Vicent Andrés Estellés and Joan Brossa in these books, as well as the metapoetic discourse (including the ensuing complicity between poet and reader). I draw on modern and postmodern theoretical frameworks, including Freud’s interpretation of dreams, Viala’s reading of canonization processes, and Bousoño and Marr’s theories of metapoetry. My contention is that the poetic voice in Josep Vicent’s poetry emerges from the contrast between the influence of past canonical poets and the rebellion against Power.

keywords: Josep Vicent. Canonicity. Authorial legitimation. Estellés. Brossa. Metapoetry.

Lingua: it

permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-059-4/RiB-2-2

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