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« Schüler werden dadurch motiviert, dass sie eigentlich mehr wissen als ihnen bewusst ist »

L’intercompréhension vue par les futurs enseignants de langues en Allemagne

Maria Helena Araújo e Sá    Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal    

Silvia Maria Melo Pfeifer    Universität Hamburg, Deutschland    



Following our previous studies in the field of student teachers’ representations about the four pluralistic approaches, we shall focus, in this contribution, on this target audience’s representations about one particular approach: intercomprehension. We will analyse student teachers’ perceptions concerning the advantages and the possibilities of integrating intercomprehension in the school curriculum. We will therefore analyse the educational, social and affective, pedagogical and organizstional and learning arguments student teachers put forward to justify their perceptions. This study aims at contributing to the planning and implementation of specific training initiatives in the field of intercomprehension didactics for language student teachers.

16 Dicembre 2019
09 Giugno 2019
12 Febbraio 2019

Keywords: Plurilingual language educationInitial teacher educationSocial representationsIntercomprehensionPluralistic approaches

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