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Gio. Bapt. Paggius Genuensis F.

La Nobilissima scienza della pittura di Giovanni Battista Paggi

Valentina Frascarolo    



The Genoese painter Giovanni Battista Paggi (1554-627) is often mentioned by the scholars, not only for his artistic works, but also for his great social commitment in promoting the artist to the status of intellectual. The aim of this article is to put in light the Paggi’s extraordinary conviction that painting must be considered and called nobilissima scienza and for this reason, he signed the great part of his works. Moreover, in the first part of his career, he recorded his compositions and the name of his patrons by drawing. The self-promotion of his activity conducted him to be considered an intellectual and a guide by his contemporaries.

Keywords: Paggi. Genoa. Intellectual. Signature.

Lingua: it

Submitted: 17 Luglio 2017
Accepted: 27 Settembre 2017
Pubblicato: 20 Dicembre 2017

permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/2385-2720/VA-26-17-11

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