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L’allestimento dell’antica sede del Museo Storico Navale di Venezia

Un inedito album fotografico

Silvia Peressutti    



The subject of this paper is the analysis of a recently recovered photographic folder. The folder content represents an important documentation of the first display of the Museo Storico Navale in Venice, dated 1923. The pictures’ research contribution is extremely valuable as a record both of the museum collection at the time and of the exhibition design and display adopted by the first museum curator: Mario Nani Mocenigo. Based on the Wunderkammer and ancient armoury idea, every space within the building was filled with collection’s objects. It is very important to notice that despite this decision, the display showed a balanced order and elegance. Through the recovered pictures it is possible even to track the conservation process of some collection’s items, which are still exhibited in the present display.

20 Dicembre 2017
21 Settembre 2017
18 Luglio 2017

Keywords: Museo Storico NavaleMuseum displayPhotography

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