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La firma dell’artista nel contesto dello happening

Joseph Pascali fecit anno in Requiescat in Pace Corradinus di Pino Pascali alla Mostra a soggetto della galleria La Salita

Martina Rossi    Sapienza Università di Roma, Italia    



Pino Pascali’s Requiescat in Pace Corradinus is a happening that took place on 22nd July 1965 in the castle of Torre Astura, in the frame of an exhibition promoted by La Salita gallery (Rome). The artist performed a funeral rite in a crypt, in front of a ‘fake’ monument – that he made– in memoriam of Conradin of Swabia. Here his own signature is present as an inscription: Joseph Pascali fecit anno. This happening – one of the first example in Italy – constitutes a significant case study that consents us to focus on what happen to the signature during a phase of radical mutation of the artistic media.

20 Dicembre 2017
17 Luglio 2017

Keywords: Pino PascaliHappeningGalleria La SalitaTorre AsturaRequiescat in Pace Corradinus

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