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Fascicolo | 38 | 104 | 2015
Articolo | Despiece peatonal | Respiración continua de Julio Reija

Despiece peatonal | Respiración continua de Julio Reija


The last poetry book of Julio Reija combines two different poetry collections in the same object though a very peculiar layout designed by the same author. Far from looking for a mere rhetorical effect, the specific layout of the book is constitutive of the way Reija understands poetry: his practice of poetry is a continuous exercise in which words are literally and desperately disjointed, fragmented, took apart in a writing that is always searching for a new form. Julio Reija’s writing combines the derridian deconstruction of logos (language and though) with an ethical posture against the overwhelming power of mass media in contemporary world.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Pubblicato 01 Dicembre 2015 | Lingua: es

Keywords Visual poetry Book-object Mass media Deconstruction

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