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Fascicolo | 38 | 104 | 2015
Articolo | Publishing and Literary System in Basque Literature

Publishing and Literary System in Basque Literature


The article outlines the creation of the Basque literary system, the relations of mediation between publishers and readers of literature written in Basque, through its evolution during the 20th Century. Being the Basque literary system of a precarious nature due to diglossia, the lack of schooling in Basque and adverse political conditions, the analysis will focus on the most fragile stages in the development of the literary system so as to cast a light upon the relevance of relationships between factors such as ideology, education and literary creation.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Pubblicato 01 Dicembre 2015 | Lingua: en

Keywords Basque literaturePublishing historyLiterary systemMediation

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