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Fascicolo | 38 | 104 | 2015
Articolo | Raccontare e disegnare tra i generi

Raccontare e disegnare tra i generi


In the last few years, Spanish literature has seen the growing of the interest on the storytelling of Alzheimer. From fiction to diary, from poetry to cinema, a lot of different literary genres and media focused on this cruel, tragic and very common disease. The examples vary from autobiographical story of will-known sick people to the storytelling of writing, in poetic as well as in literary and artistic form, as a therapy. Alzheimer’s disease is much more than a literary theme, writing on Alzheimer is a linguistic challenge because it compels the author to go even further, to the very limits of writing.

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Pubblicato 01 Dicembre 2015 | Lingua: it

Keywords GenresAlzheimer's diseaseElvira LindoAndrés BarbaPaco Roca

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