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«La ferrovia e il telegrafo muteranno le sorti del mondo»

I progetti per gli affreschi della prima stazione di Genova di Francesco Gandolfi (1860)

Valentina Frascarolo    Ricercatrice indipendente    



The drawings preserved in the collection of the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe di Palazzo Rosso in Genoa include three sketches concerning the involvement of Francesco Gandolfi (1824‐73) in the pictorial decoration of Genoa’s first railway station between 1859 and 1860. Except for the medallion under the entrance porch, these frescoes have been considered lost since the early Twentieth century. This research is grounded in the stylistic and cultural homogeneity that these drawings express, as well as in the remarkable evidence they provide about an iconographic scheme intended for a novel public space in the Nineteenth‐century city. The aim of this paper is also to outline the artistic and social environment of Genoa at the time when it became the first commercial centre of the Kingdom.

04 Dicembre 2023
03 Maggio 2023
20 Marzo 2023

Keywords: GenoaHistoricismRailway stationDrawingPictorial decorationFrancesco Gandolfi

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