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Quadri viventi e mascherate romane nelle fotografie di fine Ottocento

Attilio Simonetti, Henri Le Lieure e i fratelli Primoli

Edoardo Maggi    Sapienza Università di Roma, Italia    



This paper aims to investigate the intriguing phenomenon of costumed parties held in Rome between 1880 and 1900 through the study of photographic material. In particular, the essay focuses on two main iconographic aspects: the carnival masquerades, conceived in most cases by the painter and antiquarian Attilio Simonetti and interpreted by some members of the International Artistic Association; and the tableaux vivants, the so-called living pictures, which were figurative compositions usually set up in the patrician residences, including that of the counts Giuseppe and Luigi Primoli, who were an active part in their creation. A crucial role was also played by Henri Le Lieure, a professional photographer of French origin who was responsible for much of the visual documentation of the time.

04 Dicembre 2023
22 Maggio 2023
12 Giugno 2022

Keywords: Living PaintingsPhotographyMasqueradesRomeFeastsTableaux vivants

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