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La dignitat del barroc català

Eulalia Miralles    Universitat de València, Espanya    



From the late 70s until now, Giuseppe Grilli has produced a large number of studies devoted to recover and dignify the Catalan baroque, which he always studies in an Hispanic and European context. With a preference for the work of poets Francesc Vicent Garcia and Francesc Fontanella, Grilli’s scientific production is currently shown as a reference among scholars of the period.  

keywords: Early Modern Age. Baroque. Catalan Literature. Francesc Fontanella. Francesc Vicent García. Giuseppe Grilli.

Lingua: ca

Presentato: 21 Luglio 2016   Accettato: 12 Settembre 2016   Pubblicato: 02 Dicembre 2016  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-124-9/RiB-3-7

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