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Expanding Horizons, Expanding Pedagogies

Re-thinking Methodologies within a ‘World Englishes’ Perspective

Anna Maria De Bartolo    Università della Calabria, Italia    



The present paper aims to stimulate reflection on what learning and teaching English means nowadays in evolving and dynamic social, linguistic and cultural contexts. In the increasingly multilingual contexts which characterize the era of globalization, English becomes a fluid, variable, heterogeneous language, strictly connected to local identities and speakers’ linguistic needs. It is therefore suggested to re-examine traditional pedagogies in light of the changes and innovations which have contributed to expand and diversify English globally. A global language, yet with a myriad of different voices which claim to be heard and recognized. A new pedagogical space for English gradually emerges along with more meaningful roles for inspiring teachers, definitely more aware of new perspectives and implications. The paper attempts to offer new insight with the hope to enlarge traditional teaching horizons and practices.

01 Novembre 2015