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Capitolo | A tradução de autores portugueses em Itália (1999-2018)

A tradução de autores portugueses em Itália (1999-2018)


Portuguese literature traditionally occupies a marginal position in the system of translated literature in Italy, nevertheless in the last twenty years there has been a considerable increase in Portuguese literary works translated and published in Italy. Following the work of Raposo Costa on Portuguese authors published in Italy between 1898 and 1998, the authors and literary works published in Italy in the last two decades are catalogued here, with the aim of tracing the panorama and identifying the main features and trends in the selection of Portuguese authors for the Italian market.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Presentato: 02 Ottobre 2019 | Accettato: 28 Luglio 2020 | Pubblicato 09 Dicembre 2020 | Lingua: pt

Keywords Publishing marketPortuguese authorsTranslated worksPortuguese literatureItalian publishing sector

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