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Contre-fiction politique

Liu Cixin et Han Song

Yinde Zhang    Université Sorbonne, Paris 3    



Contemporary Chinese fiction possesses an unexpected critical force exemplified by science-fiction, a newly burgeoning literary genre. It entails examples of political counter-fiction that deconstruct the storytelling of the Chinese dream and the founding myth of a prosperous and peaceful power. This study focuses on the writers Liu Cixin and Han Song, whose work is centred on this irreverent imagination through alternative narrations, which explore the possibilities of histories that never happened and the significance of their bifurcation.


Political contre-fiction. Alternative story. Liu Cixin. Han Song. Mers de l’Ouest. Great Wall. Red Star Over America.

Lingua: fr

Presentato: 30 Ottobre 2017   Accettato: 10 Novembre 2017   Pubblicato: 15 Dicembre 2017  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-203-4/TW-1-4

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