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Modelli di istruzione e formazione professionali dei docenti di lingua straniera

Graziano Serragiotto    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



How does the European system encourage reform of the education sytem and professional training of institutional partners? In what way do some countries acknowledge such indications and introduce them through the adoption of measures aiming at improving the quality of foreign language teaching? These questions are the key to reading this contribution, whose objective is to explore the nature and extent of the processes of education and professional training in a multi nation context. The European Council has in fact created the conditions to support a programme to develop new processes and tools aimed at guaranteeing a higher standard of foreign language learning. We will analyse this prospect, considering the challenges that the Italian school system has to face in transmitting the culture of improvement of its educational institutions. At the basis of this objective there is a systemic approach consistent with the changing world of work, which requires an urgent review of teachers’ professional development.


Keywords: Foreing language TeachingPASTFAItalian professional training

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