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Capitolo | La politica linguistica nella scuola italiana

La politica linguistica nella scuola italiana

There are various definitions of language policy, for example: «Language policy is a systematic, rational, theory-based effort at the societal level to modify the linguistic environment with a view to increasing aggregate welfare. It is typically conducted by official bodies or their surrogates and aimed at part or all of the population living under their jurisdiction» (F. Grin, Language Policy Evaluation and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, 2003). However, what all the definitions have in common is a reference to language policy as a set of interventions planned and carried out by states through laws. Therefore, in this paper we will refer to legislation regarding education in order to identify the regulations governing language teaching in Italian schools, which taken as a whole constitute the language policy of the Italian education system.

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Keywords Italian Schools Language Policy Italian Education System Legislation

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