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Translation as the Mirror Image of Hermeneutics

Carla Canullo    Università degli Studi di Macerata, Italia    



The aim of this paper is to question if, in the field of translation and hermeneutics, we are now facing new challenges.  In fact, after the renewal of studies on Schleiermacher and the different methods of translating, and after A. Berman’s research on the role of translation in the Bildung and H.-G. Gadamer’s and P. Ricoeur’s work, the relationship between hermeneutics and translation is getting to know a new development. We will identify this new development by exploring a question that emerges from the above work, the question of the untranslatable. Outlined by Ricoeur, by Jacques Derrida and by Walter Benjamin, this concept of the untranslatable is revealed, in the wake of Luigi Pareyson’s hermeneutics, to be positive: rather than expressing the impossibility of translation, it points to the inexhaustible nature of truth.

20 Dicembre 2022
25 Novembre 2022
05 Novembre 2022

Keywords: Luigi PareysonHermeneuticsTruthUntranslatable

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