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Fascicolo | 40 | 108 | 2017
Articolo | El color del camaleón

El color del camaleón


The film El color del camaleón (2017) by Andrés Lübbert, which has great cinematic and content merits, can be considered as an important part of Chilean films on memory and post-memory. I focus on its contribution to Chilean memory and the reconstruction of the truth through the unveiling, in particular, of cruel methods of forced recruitment used by the dictatorship’s secret services. They were used as a further tool to instill terror in society, and as a way of submission and control of the population.

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Presentato: 04 Ottobre 2017 | Pubblicato 13 Dicembre 2017 | Lingua: es

Keywords The grey zone Postmemory Chilean dictatorship Memory Documentary cinema

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