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Fascicolo | 40 | 108 | 2017
Articolo | ¿Cómo se replica afirmativamente en español e italiano?

¿Cómo se replica afirmativamente en español e italiano?


This article is part of a broader project aiming to describe the pragmatic strategies in Spanish and Italian task-oriented dialogues. Specifically it intends to highlight the different communicative dynamics depending on the use of affirmative responses carried out with the Spanish particles hum, , vale, ya, bien, exacto, etc. and Italian markers uhm, , okay, perfetto, etc. The method of analysis used has allowed to delineate two ‘stylistic’ tendencies that differ on the characterisation of the speaker’s stance about the interaction: Italian speakers present themselves as guides leading the achievement of the task, Spanish speakers moreover present themselves like autonomous individuals, who need to harmonize this status with the completion of the task required.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Presentato: 01 Febbraio 2017 | Accettato: 02 Ottobre 2017 | Pubblicato 13 Dicembre 2017 | Lingua: es

Keywords PragmaticsAffirmative responsesContrastive LinguisticsCommunicative strategiesDiscourse markers

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