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[Ri]costruire il patrimonio culturale medievale

Il caso delle [ri]costruzioni 3D nella ricerca accademica e nelle GLAMS

Angelica Federici    Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italia    



Digital visualisation technologies including 3D modelling and virtual/augmented reality have revolutionised our critical engagement with the visual arts. The possibility of virtually [re]constructing highly fragmented contexts has opened infinite possibilities and new agendas for research. While the sustainability of Digital Humanities research is at the forefront of current debates, through specific case studies, with a particular focus on medieval historical heritage, this paper aims to critically engage with methodological aspects employed in the creation of digital reconstructions. These models need to balance the need for accuracy and academic certitude with the aesthetic quality of the objects themselves. Through an interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach, it will offer a commentary and a reassessment of the common notion that digital conservation as a discipline needs to offer a curative response in the fields of historical preservation, cultural heritage and archaeology.

Subtags: Visualisation 3d data Documents Modelling Technology Publication Monuments

16 Dicembre 2022
26 Ottobre 2022
15 Luglio 2022

Keywords: Visual artsAugmented realityDigital humanitiesMiddle agesVirtual reality3D modeling

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